The final objective is make people aware of alcohol use and abuse. The purpose of this meeting will be achieved with the contribution of different professional figures, such as: Anthropologists, experts in viticulture field, cardiologists, hepatologists, pharmacologists, neuropsychiatrists, etc., who will display the existance of a professional network at the national level, wich is involved in studying alcohol/alcoholism phenomenon in general terms and its effects on the community.

Divided in different working groups they will contribute to extend the network at national level.

During the meeting, you will discuss the following themes:

  • storical and cultural aspects of alcohol use;
  • the extent of alcohol use in our society;
  • the connection beetween alcoholism and economy;
  • pathologies due to alcohol use (neuropsychiatric, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, endocrine and sexual pathologies, making a difference beetween women and men consumers);
  • alcoholism prevention and medical therapy.