Terms and Conditions.

Contract between the participant and the conference IMAPMILLENNIUM.

This contract is based on the following general conditions:

Please use the enclosed registration form to register for the Congress and all events. Return the form as soon as the office services of Congress. Participation in the conference is subject to costs. Registration for the conference and the booking of services are binding for the participant. The fees must be paid in advance on the specified dates. Any bank charges will be borne by the taxpayer. The registration will be confirmed if the office of Congress will receive payment by 28 March 2017. In case of payments made after that date, the participant will receive confirmation at the reception of the Palermo Congress. Please bring a copy of the bank transfer with you.
The participation at the conference can be canceled within 28 March 2017. In this case the entry fee minus the fee of 100 € for administrative fees will be refunded. No refund will be made if cancellation takes place after March 28, 2017. Inform in writing the office conference for the cancellation of the participation.

IMAPMILLENNIUM reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the short-term program. There will be no refund of fees for cancellations or changes to the program.
Loss of a badge:
The badge entitles you to attend the conference, the fee of 50 Euros is to be paid to acquire a new badge with the participant’s name in case your device is lost.

The organization is responsible as prescribed by the laws of the Italian Republic. The responsibility of the service organization is limited to damages caused by intent or gross negligence. However, this does not affect the responsibility of the organizer of the Congress and of the persons or organizations responsible for the provision of transportation or other services. Participants take part in all the tours at their own risk. The verbal agreements can only be considered binding if confirmed in writing.

Supply of equipment in the rooms:
All rooms are equipped with projectors and notebook computers with DVD drives. Speakers who need more technical equipment (such as VCRs, overhead projectors, flip charts) may hire them at their own expense in preparation or – as available – on site at the Congress.

Major force:
For reasons beyond his control (such as war, strikes, lockouts, riots, civil unrest, any acts of God, including earthquakes, floods, droughts and typhoons, and any other cause, condition of any kind, to beyond your control organizer that have an impact on the ways, times or planning IMAPMILLENNIUM and its corresponding activities) the organization has the right to change or cancel activities or events or any of the devices, schedules or other, directly or indirectly to the fact occurred. No party involved is entitled to any compensation for damages caused by the change or cancellation.

Place of performance, venue of jurisdiction:
Palermo is the exclusive place of performance and venue of jurisdiction of all parties. Apply the laws of the Italian Republic.

IMAPMILLENNIUM protects the personal data of its users, websites with the utmost care and will not be provided to third parties. Personal data is data that can be connected to your person and provide information on the behavior or characteristics. This of course includes your name, address, telephone number; as well as information on the profession carried out and any personal interests and costumes.

All information contained in web site are informative nature and can not have legal value. Any information extracted from the site must be confirmed in writing directly between the participant and the organization. Neither the organization, nor the manager or implementer of the website may be held responsible for inaccuracies or omissions appearing on site.